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THOSE REDHEADS FROM SEATTLE - 3D Blu-ray, Widescreen, unrated, Running Time: 90 min. ****
In Dawson City during the Yukon Gold Rush, crusading newspaper man Vance Edmonds (Frank Wilcox) is murdered. The list of suspects includes saloon owner Johnny Kisco (Gene Barry). When Vance's wife (Agnes Moorehead) and daughters Kathie (Rhonda Fleming), Pat (Teresa Brewer), Connie and Nell (The Bell Sisters - Cynthia & Kay) arrive in town to seek their fortune and help run the newspaper, news of his death greets them. Kathie is determined to find her father's killer, but
romance gets in the way. Johnny has fallen madly in love with her and uncovering the murderer may be a problem.

WOW! This perfectly likeable 1953 matinee flick from director Lewis R. Foster (Disney's "Tonka") gets a magnificent restoration from Bob Furmanek and his magicians at 3-D Film Archive and Kino Lorber. The B-movie performances and simplistic plot take a back seat to some show-stopping tunes, from singers like Teresa Brewer and Guy Mitchell, along with eye-popping 3D. This film was released in the same year that CinemaScope was introduced as an alternative to the eye-straining glasses of 3D. Paramount spared no expense with their first widescreen/3D musical (it was also screened in 2D widescreen). Both versions reside on this Blu-ray disc. Vivid colors and spectacular background depth with many objects bursting from the screen highlight the sumptuous visuals. The lost three-channel stereophonic sound track has been meticulously replicated for this presentation (a 2.0 mono track is also included). For those who crave more than just the main feature, there are a few extras. Among them are a 2006 interview with Rhonda Fleming, the original theatrical trailer and demos on the reconstruction of the video and stereo audio. Insightful commentaries from film historians Bob Furmanek, Hillary Hess, Greg Kintz and Jack Theakston are worth a listen. This is a 5-star restoration of a 3-star movie. The result is pure gold.

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